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About Us

About Us

We are working in the field of manufacturing of water well drilling machines and pump manufacturing sector. Our company produces the latest technology for this purpose through the manufacturing experience we have gained since 1972. In 1983 we started to manufacture drilling machines, submersible pumps and since then we continue our activities in the manufacture of drilling machines and pumps We serve successfully in companies, individuals, institutions, organizations and businessmen who work in different sectors. We are so proud Where the first our brand "HASS DRILLING" is still all over the world To this day. 

Our company has established its policy of keeping customer satisfaction first on the basis of quality and the suitable economic price. We have also adopted customer-oriented work to produce solutions according to the needs And Requirements of each customer. In addition to our production we also supply our CNC machines. We recognize the importance of our work in the manufacture of pumps and drilling machines and always make a better effort to achieve the best. 

Our company has the information, team and equipment to fulfill its obligations in a timely and completely and is always aiming to provide the best service and continuously increase customer satisfaction.

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